Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Alice HackneyAlice Hackney
Passed 1st Time
Terry is a very patient and extremely helpful instructor, and offered support and guidance whenever needed, helping me to feel comfortable and more confident in my own driving abilities throughout the process of learning to drive. Very highly recommend!

Vicky SalterVicky Salter
You crossed the line, finally :)
Very patient when I was not a confident driver at all. Highly recommend.

Sarah ElcockSarah Elcock
Passed 1st time
Terry was my second instructor moving from manual to automatic. Terry was amazing to help ease and relax me through learning to drive. He was patient and encouraging of new skills I developed throughout the months I worked with him. I would recommend to anyone using Terrys driving lessons as a way to start driving. As he will help assist you along all the successes along the way. Thank you Terry for all your support and humour throughout my learning period.

Elliot LightElliot Light
Passed with ZERO faults
Terry is an amazing driving instructor. Kind, friendly and always happy to help you out with anything. Apart from teaching you how to pass the test, Terry also ensures he teaches you how to drive properly. Making sure you are a confident driver in any situation, in or out of a test. I just passed today thanks to him.

Camille RichardsCamille Richards
Passed 3rd July

Jess KnowltonJess Knowlton
Passed 3rd July
I have been driving with Terry since February 2020 and because of COVID I passed my test yesterday. Throughout there has been excellent communication through Terry and Pauline with their expert advice and knowledge. Terry is easy to get along with and helps you go at your own pace yet he knows when to push you. Terry also adapts his teaching for how you learn with a combination of physically driving, explaining and showing you how and why problems occur. I couldn't have had a better experience in learning to drive so thank you Terry and Pauline for getting me to a pass.

Alex RichardsAlex Richards
Passed 4th July 21

Laura DongesLaura Donges
Passed 24th June 2021, Forest Hills

Emily WeberEmily Weber
Passed on the 26th June 2021 (Maybush DTC)
Terry is a very patient and reassuring driving instructor! Always positive yet constructive and makes you feel relaxed behind the wheel. The lessons are well-constructed and organised. Even down to the text reminders on the morning of your lesson, which were always helpful. Couldn't recommend enough -thank you, Terry!!

Amy Webb
Terry is a fantastic driving instructor, he is extremely calm and patient and very accommodating, perfect for anyone who is nervous about learning to drive, he is very reassuring, humorous and treats you as an equal and an individual and we can’t praise Terry enough and would highly recommend him 😊(not to forget Pauline who is excellent with the admin 😊)-Carol and Amy

Amy WebbAmy Webb
Another Lockdown pass completed

Anthony JacksonAnthony Jackson
No need for those pesky 'L' plates...
The first pass after Lockdown goes to Anthony Jackson who completed his training with a pass in Winchester. Good luck in the future and enjoy your new-found freedom out on your family road trips.

Rohan SangheraRohan Sanghera
Passed on 26th Feb

Adam SandisonAdam Sandison
Passed on 27th Feb
ZERO Faults

Polly SandisonPolly Sandison
Passed on 27th Feb

Frank InnesFrank Innes
Passed 1st time on 14th Feb 2020
Terry is a very patient and calm instructor, I started lessons with him in April 2019 and passed my test on 14th February 2020. Under normal circumstances, I should have been ready to sit my test by September/ October 2019 but unfortunately, I had to cancel lessons with Terry on many occasions last year due to the reason my mother was in final stages of cancer. Both Terry & Pauline were very supportive and patient during this time and kept open my appointment times for my lessons. Even though there was no guarantee that I could take the time slot due to travelling up to Scotland on many occasions last year because of my Mum's illness. I found Terry to be totally professional at all times and he made sure that I was prepared and ready for the driving lessons and for what was needed during those lessons.

Connie WhitmoreConnie Whitmore
Success before Christmas!
Connie's Mum - Thank you, Terry, for your patience with Connie. We're so pleased she's passed and definitely recommend him to friends.

Me - Well as we say goodbye to 2019 and I have to say goodbye to Connie Whitmore, Connie passed her test on the 19th December which is my final DrivingTest of the decade. Good luck in the future Connie and enjoy your road trips in your C1.

Dan BarnesDan Barnes
Success at last!

Will AugerWill Auger
Passed on his 1st attempt!!
Here's my photo Terry took of me and my certificate. Thanks for helping to achieve it, you were awesome I don't think I could have picked a better driving instructor.

Christopher EghatorChristopher Eghator
Passing his way to happiness
Very patient and very reasonable instructor. Would recommend!

George CrossleyGeorge Crossley
Passed 1st Time - 26th Sept 19
I would like to mention that George came to me from another instructor (None LDC) who wasn't able to work because of a medical condition. We managed to rearrange my diary to accommodate his test which was already booked along with further lessons to strengthen his skills prior to his test. 'Just passed my test first try and I would 100% recommend Terry as he is a very good instructor. Lessons were enjoyable and relaxing. As well as this, Pauline, who does the admin, was very good at organising it all and sent lesson reminders on the day. '

Harry LeesHarry Lees
Passed 1st Time (6th Sept 2019)
Very patient and reassuring helped boost my confidence in only a few lessons with remarkable improvement over that time. I had been driving for a while before starting with Terry and had a total of 5 lessons with him. With his guidance, I passed my test first time, which I believe speaks for itself. Highly recommended.

Peter WrootPeter Wroot
I have had an excellent experience with Terry, he has really helped build my confidence on the road, leading to me passing my test today! Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.

Sophie Sullivan Sophie Sullivan
The goal has been achieved 1st time!
Today (19th July19) I passed my driving test first time with Terry's LDC Driving School. Pauline who does the admin was lovely and always kept on top of lesson reminders and payments. Terry was patient, and reliable. He teaches through positive reinforcement and always does his best to make you feel comfortable even of you are slightly pushing yourself throughout your learning. I would highly recommend Terry and Pauline and would like to thank them both for their help and support throughout my driving journey.

Alex CockingAlex Cocking
Faultless effort today at Forest Hill Test centre.
An excellent driving instructor would recommend to anyone. I had had a break from driving for a couple of years got in the car with Terry and felt relaxed straight away. He trusted that I could drive and passed my test with 0 minors as well.

Lucy RawlinsLucy Rawlins
I would like to say a massive thanks to Terry as because of him, I have passed my test! He is so calm and patient and makes sure that you feel comfortable in the car. Also, I received an LDC workbook which helped me improve my driving along the way. I would definitely recommend Terry!!!

Dan WoodwardDan Woodward
Passed on 1st attempt.
Terry put me at ease very quickly and taught me right through the fantastically well-structured LDC course. Always constructive, positive, friendly and professional! Passed 1st time! I cannot recommend Terry highly enough! πŸ‘ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Zoe RatcliffeZoe Ratcliffe
Passed 1st time!!!
Thanks to Terry I have passed 1st time and would definitely recommend him. He didn’t pressure me at any point to take my test when I wasn’t ready. He is very patient and reassuring and didn’t give up on me. Many thanks Terry and Pauline!!!

Charley KeayCharley Keay
Enjoyed the lessons thoroughly and were clear. The LDC workbook I believe was extremely useful for me to pass my test would most definitely recommend.

Charlie BarkerCharlie Barker
Passed 3rd May 2019

Jacob EnnissJacob Enniss
Passed 1st Time 7th March 2019

Matt HicksMatt Hicks
Passed 7th March 2019

Jordan KabukaJordan Kabuka
Passed 1st Time

Catrine FoxCatrine Fox
Mission Accomplished
I would highly recommend learning to drive with Terry. He's incredibly patient, and you can tell that he genuinely wants you to do the best you can. Pauline is so lovely and is on top of organising the lessons. I have never driven a car before having lessons, and Terry covered everything I needed to know. Anyone who's looking for driving lessons, definitely try Terry's LDC Driving School :0).

Mustafa Ait BahmadMustafa Ait Bahmad
The licence has been aquired
I enjoyed learning how to drive with Terry because he was very kind and patient. He spoke to me a lot which helped me calm down and get comfortable. Thank you.

Grace HarajdaGrace Harajda
Passed 1st time
Both I and my husband would like to thank both you and Terry for helping Grace to pass her driving test first time. From the first time I spoke to you on the phone, enquiring about lessons, to Grace’s last lesson with Terry it’s been such an easy process and knowing you were in control of booking the lessons and organising the test times had made everything flow easily. Terry’s manner with Grace allowed her to relax, make mistakes in a safe environment as well as to grow and learn at a rapid rate. I’ve been amazed how quickly she has gained driving skills and her knowledge of rules of the road has even taught me a few things! We will continue to recommend Terry’s driving school and wish you both well for the future

Alexandru PopoviciAlexandru Popovici
Passed on the 5th January 2019
I just passed my test with Terry who is patient and an amazing driving instructor. I never can thank him enough for all his efforts in teaching me how to drive. Terry is absolutely the best instructor that I could ever ask for. His way of explaining everything about how to drive is incredible, all are clear and easy understanding. When I made a mistake, he explained to me friendly and patiently and let me practice more times until I improve it. His knowledge and kindness allowed me to improve my driving skills quickly and gain confidence to drive. Thank you very much, Terry! You are the best driving instructor ever! Also, I would like to say thank you to Pauline, thank you for her well-organized arrangement of my lessons. I would definitely recommend Terry to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. 100% recommend!

Simran ChahalSimran Chahal
Passed with a clean sheet

Dr Patricia Romero de MillsDr Patricia Romero de Mills
Passed on her 1st attempt
Without falling into generalisations (or -worse still-, undermining the reasons why a twenty-year old decides to get a licence, and the challenges this represents to them), I feel I can confidently assert that, if you are 45, and you have to get through the process of getting a full licence. The project of getting a licence to be able to drive in the UK, has come with its fair share of tears, frustrations and despair. Looking back, I feel that these feelings came together with the never-ending reminder that, to live your life at full in a borrowed land, you don't always need to learn new things, but to unlearn them… To forget you once were… I can drive, I learned aged 18, or so I thought. But as it turned out, 15 out of the 20 hours of tuition I took were invested in erasing the traces of the Mexico-City-driver. The perfectly able driver me who even took the liberty to teach others how to master the art. But it seemed to me that to obtain my licence here, I had to pretend those episodes never happened. That I had just imagined that Patricia of the past and that she had never existed… This is part of what makes it such a wonderful project, of course: the opportunities to grow and to become a person you wouldn't have learned was in you in the first place, and you would have never discovered could be you if it wasn't for the courage you displayed one day by leaving your homeland. Exciting, yes, fulfilling, no doubt, but un poquito testing from time to time. Well, all this just to share with you the news that yesterday morning, despite all odds, I passed my test. I passed it on the first attempt. And I feel happy. And brave and still a bit scared of roundabouts. I will be eternally grateful to Terry Pegg, my driving instructor and his commitment to help me see this project through. His patience, great teaching skills and sense of humour were a true balm for the soul through this process. (If anyone is planning to get a licence in the Winchester/Eastleigh/Southampton area, I strongly recommend giving a ring to Terry's LDC Driving School). Felicidades a mí y abrazos infinitos a todos, but in particular to all my beloved explorers of the world - de antes y de hoy who know exactly the feelings I am talking about. I know you do. But I'm telling you: We are audacious people, indeed. Don't ever forget. Los adoro :') British roads: ¡Agárrense, que here I come!

Cheryl MoselCheryl Mosel
Pass with a smile
I would like to give massive thanks to Terry and Pauline for their support over the past few months, from the day I called to make enquiries to the day I passed my driving test, I was made to feel welcome and supported throughout. Their teamwork is incredible and have gone above and beyond to make this journey possible for me. Terry ensures realistic goals are set at the beginning of each lesson and this instilled much confidence in me. I have enjoyed my lessons and look forward to applying my safe driving skillset in my car. I was incredibly nervous at test but was made to feel at ease and Terry has given me much confidence in my driving abilities through an open and honest explanation of the positives and where improvements are needed. I highly recommend Terry and Pauline and I can not thank them enough for their support.

Cara HarveyCara Harvey
I contacted Terry after previously failing my test about 8 years ago. Learning to drive with my first instructor was not a pleasant experience and after failing my first test I gave up. However at the beginning of this year I decided I needed to face my fears and try again. I am so glad I did!! I was extremely nervous and basically had to start from the beginning because I hadn’t driven at all since failing. Terry put me at ease straight away, I couldn’t have wished for a better instructor! Driving was my biggest fear, but he always made me feel calm, always praised me, and made me laugh a lot!! I can’t actually believe he got me through the test, because I was unbelievably nervous!! I am so grateful to him and to Pauline. I had a great time learning with Terry, and I’m going to miss our lessons!! I would recommend Terry to anyone!

Shame BlackburnShame Blackburn
Shane came to me from another instructor after many failed attempts and needed another 6 hours which included a few rescue lessons which resulted in a pass. Its was a very happy drive home today.

Nicola NewtonNicola Newton

Saurabh KumarSaurabh Kumar

 Divya Christo Divya Christo
Having just passed my driving test, I would highly recommend Terry to anyone. He is a fantastic instructor. I could have not asked for anyone better. He is just an amazing instructor. Stays calm and keeps us calm as well. He is very dedicated in his job. He has an excellent way of teaching. Explains every single aspect clearly and has no hesitation to repeat anything until it is perfect. I have to mention my heartfelt gratitude to Pauline as well. She is such a lovely, friendly and approachable person. Have always tried to fit in lessons for me in between my shift patterns. I can not thank Terry and Pauline enough for helping me towards this achievement. I am sure no one would have to give up on Driving if you go with Terry. I definitely /highly recommend Terry. Thank you again !! ( I can write an essay but let me stop for now πŸ˜„)

Damith & Dula
Drivers from Sri Lanka who badly needed to adjust to UK standards
β€˜Terry is an awesome Instructor. My wife and I both had a couple of sessions with him. My wife passed her practical test in her first go. Terry doesn’t drag things at all, he is straight to the point and very clear and pushes you to take the test once he knows you’re ready. And we must compliment Pauline who coordinates the sessions. Out of over 20+ instructors I tried to contact to organize sessions it was only Terry & Pauline that responded so promptly. Fantastic service. Highly recommend Terry to all.’ Damith & Dula (Drivers from Sri Lanka who badly needed to adjust to UK standards)

Megan HillingMegan Hilling
Big smiles all round!!!
Having just passed my test with Terry, I can't thank him enough! I had two previous instructors who didn't really fulfil my needs as a rather anxious driver, but Terry has helped build my confidence up so much. He is brilliant at explaining things and pointing out (and helping to fix!) weak spots in your driving, and I also always appreciated his level of praise and positive reinforcement when I was doing something well! The use of various resources such as the dash cam, the iPad, and even a simple pen and paper helped loads in understanding the roads and other road users. There were definitely times when I doubted whether I'd ever pass my test, but I'm so so chuffed that I have and I owe a lot to him! I'd also like to say thank you to Pauline for always being so lovely, helpful and friendly when arranging lessons. I would definitely recommend Terry to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Luke HideLuke Hide
Great result Luke. Next stop HGV training good luck for the future.

Amaya ScottAmaya Scott
Passed 1st time in under 30 hours from a beginner with no driving experience!

Isobella UptonIsobella Upton
Your Goal has been acheived!!!

William RichardsWilliam Richards
Passed 1st time
This is from my son William who passed his test yesterday! Terry is a great driving instructor! 5 months ago, I had never sat in the driving seat before and now I have passed my test first time. His lessons are really engaging and he makes you feel relaxed but also focused. My confidence has grown massively due to driving under Terry's tuition. I really recommend Terry for learning to drive with!

Hannah ParkerHannah Parker
Passed 1st time
I passed today with terry and I cannot recommend him enough. He’s calm and asks you what you want to achieve from the lesson. Terry always ends the lesson asking if you are happy with what you have done and gives you the opportunity to ask questions... his strategies for maneuverers work and he’s so patient. Big Thank you to both terry and Pauline who both work together to give the best driving experience to their students! Thank you again!

Craig JohnstonCraig Johnston
A massive thank you for fitting me in at short notice. Fantastic instructor. Great attitude. Helped massively and gave loads of trust even in the very very little time we had. Would definitely recommend!!

Sam ArpelsSam Arpels
Passes 1st time
Couldn’t recommend Terry more! Only after a few months of lessons, I passed first time, with only 2 minors!! Absolute amazing instructor, highly recommended, very pleased that I had my lessons with him, very pleased!!

Lucy Ostrolenk-Round
Over the moon to pass my test with Terry! Despite my nerves he calmed me down and gave me the skills to past my test. Terrys gives a different view to driving then other instructors and really works to ensure you know why things are done that way. Would 100% recommend him to anyone.

Lucy Ostrolenk-RoundLucy Ostrolenk-Round

Edward SmithEdward Smith
Passed 1st time
I could not praise Terry more highly! After having not driven in two years and being a fairly nervous driver, Terry was a great help in making me feel safe behind the wheel and after doing a semi intensive course of 30 hours over a 3 week period I passed my test first time! It was a great confidence boost and I am so glad I learnt with him. Many thanks to Terry (and Pauline) for being so flexible with my lessons under the added pressure of losing a day to snowfall. Would definitely recommend.

Sophie McLennanSophie McLennan
I've finally managed to pass my test with Terry. I started learning to drive with two previous instructors before Terry whose teaching methods didn't really sit well with me which made me lose confidence on the road but learning to drive with Terry was great. He's so helpful and really puts your mind at ease and my confidence ended up growing lesson on lesson. If you make a mistake or are unsure about something Terry will go over it calmly in a way to make you understand how to get better. I also want to mention his partner Pauline, she did such a great job at arranging lessons for me at such short notice and really does everything she can to fit you in. I can't recommend Pass with Terry enough. Thanks Terry

Sean PollardSean Pollard
Instructor Part 2 Driving Test completed and passed 1st Time!!!
I've just passed my ADI Part 2 first time after excellent training from Terry. He is professional, friendly and adapted the training to exactly suit my needs which really inspired confidence. Thanks again Terry.

Kate FearonKate Fearon
A Great PASS acheived, down to all your hardwork!
I was so pleased to pass my test on 8th February. I had had lessons 10 years ago with another instructor but had to stop after having extensive surgery on my right hip due to a torsional malalignment. Following this I was told that I would never be medically fit to drive so I stopped my lessons. In February 2017 I had my son which made me realise I had to at least try to get back behind the wheel. Terry was the only instructor I contacted who could see past the issues I have with my hip and take me on, knowing I might have to stop at any moment. His style of teaching was very different from my previous instructor and all the better for it. The lessons are structured around what you want to get out of them which gets you thinking about your own progress, about what went right or wrong on the previous lesson, and also ensures that you're not just following the motions. Even when things go wrong, Terry encouraged me to think about what had happened and his use of dashboard cameras actually allows you to see it for yourself after the fact. And on top of all of this, we had a good laugh during my lessons too. I really can't thank Terry enough. I'm finally able to do something I was told over and over I'd never be fit enough to do and to say it has changed my life is an understatement. Now I have my own car and I can take my son to and from nursery. I'd also like to say thanks to Pauline for her work behind the scenes, for being understanding when I had to cancel due to childcare or my bad hip and for the encouraging texts. If you're looking for a patient, encouraging and calm instructor who you can also have a bit of banter with too, then I'd 100% recommend Terry.

International Licence Holder now with a UK Licence
Thanks for prepping me for the driving test. It was a wonderful experience, training with you. You were patient enough to grin and bear my mistakes and guided me through the test prep. I appreciate your patience and guidance. I would strongly recommend Terry's LDC school for any student who wants a calm, funfilled training session.

Micheal RodgersMicheal Rodgers
Passed 1st Time

Katheryn GallagherKatheryn Gallagher
Semi-Intensive Pass

Emily Hill
Passed ADI Part 2 Driving Test
Terry is a brilliant instructor. I have recently passed my part 2 with help from Terry and I would recommend him to anyone. He is a helpful and patient teacher with a great attitude and personality which shows he really loves what he does.

Bethany LodgeBethany Lodge
Happy Happy Happy
I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Terry made me feel at ease in the car and helped me with my confidence. I cannot thank you enough!!!

Rachel CarpenterRachel Carpenter
Passed 1st time
Terry is an excellent instructor! I can't have been the easiest student... (struggling with severe depression, alongside PTSD from being a passenger in a head-on collision, years ago), and yet Terry was calmly able to deal with my fears, he knew when to gently encourage and when to move on to try something else, and he made sure that no matter how badly I thought a lesson had gone, I was encouraged and smiling when I left the car! I found the LDC book very useful, and I appreciated the way Terry worked with me at my pace, tackling the lessons and challenges I wanted to face one at a time. He was a very thorough teacher, and taught me to drive safely and confidently, even passing my test first time. I would definitely recommend him!

Brogan LaneBrogan Lane
Terry is a great instructor who can clearly explain things in a way which will suit each person, he is understanding and isn't harsh to you when you make a mistakes just helps you get better. The car is modern and works perfectly. Would definitely recommend to anyone, better than previous instructors.

Clare CareyClare Carey
Passed my Part 2 ADI Test!
I can't thank Terry enough! I wouldn't have passed my Part 2 ADI Test without his help and guidance. I enjoyed every lesson and he always went out of his way to help me.

Kyle BennettKyle Bennett
Passed 1st time
Very good instructor. Has a great way of explaining what you need know, to make you a better driver. The LDC book was another really good addition, helps you get through all the theoretical work at home, so you get to spend more of your lesson time driving. Which Terry's always seemed more than happy to allow. As he'll easily know if you've been using the book, with a few quick questions. Got me through on my 1st test, after only 3 weeks. Would definitely recommend.


Josh BlakeJosh Blake
A really great instructor. Terry has a very calm and relaxed manner, and offered feedback in a very constructive way. Would definitely recommend!

 Jemima Oosthuizen Jemima Oosthuizen
Learning to drive with Terry has been GREAT. From the start I was completely at ease, unlike the experience I had with an instructor from a different company. Every lesson was about what I wanted to achieve and what I did or didn't feel comfortable with, not just ticking boxes in the right order. Terry encouraged me to learn at my own pace, gave me confidence when I needed it, and at the same time was always a good laugh! I absolutely recommend Terry to everybody.

Ellie MessengerEllie Messenger
Passed 1st time
Thank you terry!!!

Carol WestCarol West
I was extremely nervous about learning to drive and Terry made me feel at ease and as relaxed as possible when driving. It was great that I could learn at my own pace and experience various driving conditions at different of the day. The LDC course was clear to follow and the accompanying workbook was very informative and useful.

Danielle RichardDanielle Richard
I highly recommend Terry, after having three different driving instructors I finally felt comfortable with driving and passed my test.

Jason SmithJason Smith
Part 2 Pass
Well Done Jason on passing the 2nd part of your instructor training course.


Daisy BakerDaisy Baker
Passed on 2nd Attempt
Well done, Daisy enjoy your new car.

Eddie MananEddie Manan
Passed 1st time!!
The best instructor I could wish for, very knowledagble, professional , and very organised. He is using many different techniques to make you understand your weaknesses and improve them, very comfortable and easy to drive car. Passed from the first time! I truly recommend this instructor to anyone.

Megan HarperMegan Harper
Passed 1st Time
Terry is a very supportive instructor, planning lessons around what you want to focus on but also making sure you're learning as much as possible in this time. He is extremely professional but also knows when to create a relaxing atmosphere to help support the drive.

Terri-Anne Terri-Anne
I'm really happy I passed my test and can’t thank Terry enough, he is a calm relaxed instructor who is easy to talk to, reassuring and positive about my progress. The LD system allowed me the choice on what we could do and improve on, if I made a mistake we would discuss what went wrong, how it could affect me & others and what I could do differently next time. He was very flexible and I could work it around my kids and schools which helped me a lot. Terry made the lessons enjoyable, I always went home feeling happy and I had learnt something new unlike my previous instructor when I seemed to just drive the car without any structure. I have already recommended him to my sister, wow I can’t believe I have my licence now.

Toby PorterToby Porter
First Pass of 2017
Toby’s Mum - Toby is busy driving everywhere but being really careful and sensible thanks to you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your instruction, he wouldn’t never have done it without you. I’m still waiting for him to give me a parking lesson!

Terry is a fantastic instructor. He is kind and patient and gives really clear advice and detailed feedback. I was practising driving in between lessons but Terry made sure that each lesson was really focused so that I made very good progress. I really enjoyed my lessons with him and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Really can’t thank you enough, Terry. You have been superb!

Niall JonesNiall Jones
Passed 1st Time
Terry has been a brilliant instructor. Having never driven a car before, Terry structured the lessons around my needs of development and also challenging me at the same time. He is flexible with fitting in around my availability and was happy to pick up from home or work. The lessons were well set out with visual aids (iPad, books, maps and online) meant that awareness to actually trying out the different manoeuvres and aspects were seamless. With his help I passed first time and am now feel a confident driver which can only be down to Terry himself. Would thoroughly recommend to others (which I have!) and you can see the dedication he has towards achieving success for his students.

Georgie WarburtonGeorgie Warburton
Passed 1st Time

Hannah GilkesHannah Gilkes
Passed 1st Time
Terry is a fantastic instructor!! When I first started (after approximately 30hours with a different instructor) I couldn't really do anything, had very little confidence and barely any knowledge. We started on the manoeuvres immediately, despite my lack of confidence, and started the lesson plan at the very beginning and Terry kept his level head despite me being an emotional wreck. It may have taken just under a year to get to the stage that I could pass my test, but it has been well worth it, I can't recommend this man enough. He may be witty, and sarcastic at times, but his heart is in the right place, he could always find a way to put the smile back on my face after sobbing uncontrollably behind the wheel of the car!! Terry, thank you for the everlasting patience, random videos of Rocky, and other stuff, and thank you for building my confidence up from zero to where it is now. I know for sure I'll be coming back when I need extra lessons for motorways etc!

Charlie HollowayCharlie Holloway
Passed 1st Time

My instructor Terry made me feel confident while learning , he was professional but made me feel relaxed, when I made mistakes he would pull me over and we would talk about what happened why it happened and what I can do next time. We went by what I feel confident enough to work on, we always did a brief at the start and debrief at the end of the drive so I knew what the plan for the lesson was and what I needed to work on. I highly recommended watching the LDC videos and using the online theory test preparation as it helped me test myself before the test. I recommended using the workbook to document your progress and also to help before a drive. I would rate Terry 9 out of 10.

Matilda FlynnMatilda Flynn

Imogen Desforges Imogen Desforges
Parents Testimonial
I chose Terry to teach my daughter to drive because he had good reviews, offered semi-intensive lessons (we live in the countryside away from any bus routes and both my daughter and I were keen for her to pass her test as soon as possible) and he responded to my initial enquiries quickly. He offered to meet us before booking any lessons to make sure we were comfortable and when scheduling lessons he was both accommodating and flexible to fit lessons around my daughter's college commitments. My daughter passed her test only ten weeks after her 17th birthday. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Terry to other prospective students (and their parents).

Emma GormleyEmma Gormley
Well done Emma.

Alex MastermanAlex Masterman
Well done Alex see you for Motorway lessons very soon.

Gavin CooperGavin Cooper
Well done on your Pass Gavin
I made the perfect choice in choosing Terry as my instructor. He was thorough and patient with lots of useful tips on all aspects of driving. I found the LDC workbook and DVD very useful. It outlined the targets that Terry needed to cover with me for each fully structured lesson allowing me to keep track of my progress. It also allowed me to study the skills and manoeuvres in advance of my lesson. In each lesson Terry was very clear in his instruction, patient and gave encouragement in helping me to achieve control and understanding in my driving. I felt that Terry went out of his way to accommodate my schedule to fit in the lessons, I would not hesitate to recommend him as a great driving instructor. Thank you Terry Gavin

Joe SaxtonJoe Saxton
Passed 1st time
I'd had some lessons in the past, but not driven a car for several years. Terry got me back up to speed and through my test in a week-long Midway Pass Course. He's a calm and professional instructor with a good sense of humour.

Daniel ParkerDaniel Parker
Passed on 2nd Attempt
20 Hour Mid-way pass course with Terry and his DS3. I completed a 20 hour course with Terry and managed to pass on my second attempt, I would describe Terry as a patient person, he will not have a go if you have done something wrong, instead he will wait until you have half calmed down and ask you to reflect on what happened and what you could have done better so you know what to do next time. He doesn't teach you how he drives but let's you learn the best way for you to drive which is the best method I could think of! If you are a new learner / experienced learner then I would defiantly recommend Terry.

Amy Frampton
Gear Refresher Lesson, Full Licence Holder.
I am a full licence holder but hadn't driven a manual car for 7 years. After buying a manual car I decided I needed a few refresher lessons before picking the car up to get used to the clutch and gears again. I booked a few sessions with Terry and he was great- very calm, patient and he spent time to really give me back the confidence that I had lost. We covered a range of different skills- clutch control, round-a-bouts, hills starts and reversing. He is very Knowledgeable and gave me some good tips for driving. He also made sure that the areas that I was most worried about were practised. Now I feel very confident in driving a manual and am no longer dreading the pick up of my new car - thank you Terry!

Olga AnstyOlga Ansty

Clare Last
Last Pass of 2015
Terry has been probably the most patient and down to earth driving instructor I've worked with. Without his understanding and stress free approach I don't think I would've passed within 6 month. The LDC method is fantastic and allows yourself to prepare for every lesson, getting rid of those initial jitters. I'd recommend learning with Terry to anyone and everyone. Thank you and Happy New year Terry.

Juliano PintoJuliano Pinto
Well Done on passing your test

Megan StephensonMegan Stephenson
Passed on 2nd Attempt
Terry has been a fantastic instructor, very clear and precise withn his coaching and instructions. Every lesson has been well planned and I progressed dramactically with each lesson I had. The LD Workbook has also proved very useful too, allowing me to reflect on what I've learnt after every lesson and look into what I'll be learning next. Megan

Nakita ClarkNakita Clark
1st time pass
I literally can't thank you enough for helping me get to where I am now. You're a great instructor and a good laugh. I wouldn't have been able to pass without you :0)

Been having lessons with Terry for the past couple of months. On my third time, finally I passed! Terry is an amazing instructor, he is funny and easy to get on with. He has supported me throughout the whole thing! I will always recommend him to new drivers as he's defiantly the best instructor around!

Well done Amie on passing your test at Winchester. I would like to add that Amie came to me from a fellow LDC instructor Mike Farrell who is off sick. Amie needed to continue her training, I was able to squeeze her into my diary. Amie, It was a pleasure to help you finish your training and gain your pass. Good Luck in the future.

All I can say it was a pleasure to help you out and continue your training after it didn't work out with your AA instructor. Well done on your 1st time pass at Southampton. Good luck in the future and stay safe.

Congratulations Hannah, you got there in the end and with a 1st time pass in Winchester. Well done for you effort and hard work. Stay safe and good luck in the future.

What can I say? good effort and enthusiasm in your training using the LD System. You may have waited till now to gain your driving licence, The 10 or so years driving heavy plant equipment helped you with all the aspects of on road driving. Your work will now finally give you a van to drive. Well done and good luck in the future.

Well Done Clarissa, First time pass at Forest Hill. It was great to assist you in your pass and a pleasure to teach. Good luck in the future. Those many hours private practice with your partner massively.

Well done Richard on passing your test at Forest Hill Test Centre. good luck in the future and safe driving.

Lewis AireyLewis Airey
I've been having lessons with Terry for a few months and I would recommend him to anyone, very friendly and easy to get along with. His lessons are easy to understand and each lesson has it's purpose and helps with your driving. Would like to thank terry for his lessons and his help in helping me pass.

Margaret DeeMargaret Dee
Well done Margaret on passing your test, you put loads of effort in which resulting in completing your goal. Good luck in the future.

Emily you got through on you 2nd attempt so a big well done. All that work and effort finally rewarded you with a Pass. Enjoy your new freedom and stay safe.

I was taking lessons with Terry for about a month and a half and I've only passed my test today with 6 minors! Terry is an amazing instructor, he is funny and explains everything very well! I thank him so much and I will definitely recommend him to everyone!Once again, Thank you Terry!

Well Done Carmel on passing your test on the 5th January 2015 with 3 minors, good luck in the future.

Before I met Terry I was learning to drive with another instructor, who wasn't fulfilling my needs as a learner. Being with Terry has made me so much happier and confident as a driver. I wouldn't have passed my test at all without him. He is funny and kind and makes the lessons enjoyable. Terry is the reason behind all the brilliant drivers we have on the roads. I'm really gonna miss Terry and have already recommended him to all my friends and family. A huge thanks Terry.

Well done Adam on passing your test with 1 minor fault. It was a was a fantastic drive, good luck in the future.

Well done on passing your test with 6 minors on your 1st attempt!!

Well done Katie on passing your test.

Paige F
Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for everything you did for me, I know I can be hard work sometimes but thankyou for helping me pass first time!

Well done Zach on passing your practical Test with only 2 minors.

Jan Pyke
I have been driving for 45 years and consider myself to be a competent and considerate driver.

However, I know that I have picked up some bad habits over the years and so I welcomed the opportunity to have 5 'refresher' lessons with Terry.

He is patient, calm, extremely knowledgeable about his subject and he gently reminded me of the correct way of doing things - ways which are not only kinder to the car, but also more comfortable for myself and my passengers. Most of all, ways which are safer and legal.

I am impressed by his method of teaching, which uses the LD system. I have no hesitation in recommending Terry as your driving instructor.